Ring Farm, Therapeutic Horsemanship

Marian is the program director of Equine Journeys which is a Center for Equine Facilitated Activities and a member of Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship, International (PATH, Int). Working entirely with PATH instructors, the program offers therapeutic riding, carriage driving, and equine assisted activities(EAA).

Depending upon the age, needs and goals of the client, equine facilitated activities provide a setting for the client to achieve a greater range of motion; increase strength and balance; improve eye-hand coordination;

and enhance memory, focus and attention. The client also practices sequencing, completing tasks, and communications skills while building self-confidence skills and enjoying outdoor physical exercise.

The unique and powerful part of the farm is the horse, which facilitates the individual’s progress, provides sensory stimulation, and develops a mutual enjoyment and bond between himself and the human partner. As a client rider/driver experiences the movement and speed of the trot, the client develops physical and readiness skills which can be generalized to individual goals relating to behavioral, social, functional, and/ or educational skills. Repeating sessions of movement and alternating tasks provides a rich and positive learning opportunity. This unique moment that equine therapy provides is difficult to reproduce in other environments.

At Ring Farm, we also provide equine assisted activities with or without riding or driving the horse. A simple task such as leading the horse involves building responsibility, challenges motor planning, develops empathy and

bonding, and teaches respect. Instructors are experienced teachers in the therapeutic equine industry with riding and carriage driving, training horses, and participating in competitions. Many instructors have also taught in public schools.