Debra Albert M.S.

Debra Albert,

has taught students from kindergarten level to adult age learners in various educational settings. She holds a Bachelor's of Science degree in Primary Education with minors in learning disabilities and social science. She earned both of her degrees at the University of Southern Maine. She currently is professionally certified in Maine in both general elementary (K-8) and as a teacher of disabled students (K-12).

Deb's teaching experience was mostly in a resource setting with special education students, prior to becoming a special education teacher, Deb extensively tutored two students: one with hearing impairment, and one with a traumatic brain injury. She has also worked with adults, teaching basic academic skills and GED preparation. She has had experience working with students in kindergarten and first grade as well as assisting with speech therapy. Deb also implemented a model title 1 math program at the third and fourth grade level to prepare students for state assessment tests. This included teaching math lessons in each third and fourth grade classrooms on a weekly basis.

For the past nine and half years, Deb performed academic evaluations for the special education department in SAD 61. Each year, Deb completed close to 140 comprehensive academic evaluations for students as part of initial special education referrals, triennial reviews as well as special purpose evaluations. These students ranged in grades from kindergarten to grade 12 and had a variety of special education designations.

Deb has expertise with a variety of academic tools to assess students including the following comprehensive batteries:

Woodcock Johnson Tests of Academic Achievement-III,

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test-III,

Kauffman Test of Educational Achievement-II,

Deb supplements these instruments, when necessary, with specialized tests targeting specific aspects of academic performance. She has had extensive training in assessment as well as in developing effective strategies for remediation academic deficits and accommodating a wide range of learning challenges.

Deb has taken a leadership role in the district's monitoring program serving as a lead mentor responsible for overseeing mentors and mentees as well as directly mentors new teachers herself. She has completed specialized training provided by the state of Maine in training teachers to become mentors.

Deb has been involved in numerous other positions of leadership and responsibility within the school system, ranging from RTI and several curriculum committees to executive membership in the local teachers' accociation including membership on the negotiation team.

Deb is now offering individualized academic assessments on a contractual basis with a range of clients including school systems, parents and agencies seeking outside academic evaluations. Also providing staff training in a wide range of academic evaluation topics, consultation in academic assessment and remediation and also developing and implementing mentoring programs.